Folio Academy and Will Terry

If you go under my “Links” tab, you’ll find two links that I want to talk about. 1. Will Terry and 2. Folio Academy

Through my various wanderings on Twitter and virtually meeting some wonderful illustrators, directors and writers, Folio Academy came to my attention. For a very reasonable fee, you can purchase video tutorials on a number of art related topics. My favorite ones are by Will Terry. If you check it out you’ll see he has vibrant colors and amazing detail in his work.

If you’ve been following my blog for the last year, you know there have been some successes and a lot of floundering with “It’s not quite right but what’s missing?” By the way, if you’ve been following my blog, I just want to say “THANK YOU!” I notice, and it makes me incredibly happy to know that you’re here with me.

Back to Folio Academy: I’m super excited about this because the videos are not a repeat of art classes that I took in college. It’s all the little holes and extra bits of wisdom that are being shared by Terry in a comfortable tone and pace. I’ve enjoyed videos regarding design in illustration, color theory and character design.  I found myself going “OHHHHH!! I totally GET that!”

The best part about Will Terry and other awesome illustrators (you can see some amazing illustrators in my Links tab!) is how frikkin NICE everyone is. Just go on Twitter and follow everyone. They’re silly, they’re kind, and they work so hard and incredible hours to produce something that makes your heart a little lighter. Thanks to their help and enthusiasm, I’m a better artist than when I started out a year ago.

So right, Folio Academy=awesome. Follow Will Terry-he’s down to earth, smart, and a good teacher.

And because this IS a sketch blog. Here’s a sketch of a character I’m going to use in an illustration this later this monthCorky-Super-Snuggles

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