Not my best moment

tree top

I was working on a beautiful tree for a mother’s day present (for my mum, obviously) and it was coming along so nicely. I was so pleased with its lightness.

Then I had a bad day, and I thought “I’ll cheer myself up by finishing that painting today! I just wanted to add a few deeper shades to give it some depth, and before I knew it, the thing looked like a dark and depressed purple brain. I thought “If I just keep going, maybe I can fix it!”

I couldn’t fix it.  I tried as much as I could to fix it, and just ended up wrecking it. I didn’t take a picture of the result; I painted over the canvas and started over. Now there is a bear in progress being painted, and a new tree painted on a fresh canvas.


polar bear

Here is the bear. He’s also pretty dark, so I’m going to lighten him up this week and maybe plan a place for him to stand on 🙂  But you can see how dark that purple gets and how my poor tree ended up looking like zombie brains.  But the bear is going to cheer up pretty soon too. Then I’ll have the finished bear and tree up for you. I’m really sad about the darn tree, but I keep saying to myself, “the next one will be even better!”

I’m finishing up a dog portrait and a fish portrait this week too! That’ll be fun to show you when  it’s done too!


And YAY! I just found my original sketch of the tree while sorting through images for this post, so I have a good starting point to redo it!trees

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