Day 21: Something From a Low Angle?

I have to admit that I completely forgot about today’s challenge but wait until you hear why! 

Sunday is usually a day off for me.  I like to go for a walk, then just amble my way through the day. I thought “I think I’ll check out some sales!” when I grabbed my phone and saw a message from one of my close friends that she was looking forward to seeing our group of friends. Which was odd because our gathering wasn’t until next Sunday. We were going to a friend’s baby shower. Then I looked at my calendar. And I looked at the invitation, and I looked at the clock.

What followed was some frantic cursing and throwing on nice clothes while I brushed my hair teeth and put on make up all in this flurry of panic. Not only was the shower today, but I should have left the house 15 minutes before I got the text message and the shower was an hour and a half away! I was going to be soooo late!

Thankfully, I was only 15 minutes late, and had a wonderful day with some great friends. And completely forgot about the 30 day challenge! I promise to have TWO days worth tomorrow with today’s intended challenge and back on schedule with tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s a cat!cat

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