Drawing Challenge Day 15: Something Speedy

Today’s drawing challenge took an unexpected turn when my original idea turned out to be not a good one in light of today’s events.

So I thought “Well, this is supposed to be a CHALLENGE right? And cars are a challenge for me. I want them all to look cute and like little round things that go “Toot! Toot!”

AND THEN:  part of this challenge that I added for myself was to draw it all in 5 minutes.


I may have gone longer. I actually didn’t keep track of the time at all! But it FELT very fast as I drew this. It LOOKS like I drew it fast. But I kinda like it. I was inspired by Lexus with it’s sleek almost alien spaceship quality. But I think my car kept trying to morph into “Toot! Toot!”

Have a peaceful day. I’ll see you tomorrow 🙂


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