Drawing Challenge day 10- ANGRY

Today’s challenge seems well-suited as most of my internet friends seem cranky today! So I give you one of my old favorite characters: Crabby Cat.  I started drawing him back in 2001 when I worked at Borders 🙂 I’d draw him on post-its and sneak him onto different things like monitors, phones, message boards, paystubs….Even if I was grumpy, no one was more so than Crabby Cat!

You may wonder how I felt about Grumpy Cat, the now super-popular frowny cat that has taken over the internet. I love Grumpy Cat! I wish I was his owner so I could sit and draw his grumpy face all the time.

The one thing I’ve never settled on with Crabby Cat is what color his coat should be. Is his fur white, brown, grey, or spotted?  I have several variations, and I’ve never been able to choose. Most of the time he’s just inked in black and white, because I can’t make up my mind!

Anyway that’s my story about Crabby Cat. 🙂 I hope you enjoy him 🙂Crabby-Cat

2 thoughts on “Drawing Challenge day 10- ANGRY

    1. Nancy, no one has ever said that! I bet if I drew him a Nancy-friend, he would love the attention. He may not even be THAT crabby.. but still a little.. I mean, he IS Crabby Cat after all 🙂


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