An Update

It fills me  with glee to announce that I am no longer sick! What a miserable flu virus that was going around; I began to wonder if I would every get better. Then, I was better! Hooray! Being sick: Done!

Things took a shift in my work over the last month. I started studying business-y things, so that I can really become a freelance illustrator all proper like. There is a lot to learn about contracts, numbers, and marketing, but it’s an exciting time! I dream of sitting in my house, illustrating greeting cards, book covers, and creating children’s books and getting so engrossed in my work that I burn dinner again.

I’m already halfway there. I’ve burnt three pieces of toast while writing this! SUCCESS IS IMMINENT!

As far as this blog goes, I have plans! I’m hoping that once I get all my business papers in order to post information so we can start working together!  I’m also planning to write more in my posts, so we can get to know each other a little better. 🙂 I love feedback, so if there is a feature you particularly like in the website theme, let me know. If there’s something that frustrates you, I’d like to know that too. Eventually, I’m going to buy a domain name, and I want to make sure that you love visiting here as much as I love posting!


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